Marina pleasured
Background information
Feature films The Pebble and the Penguin
Voice Annie Golden
Character information
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Fur/Scale/Skin color Black
Eyes Green
Friends Hubie
Fate Marrying Hubie and have kids with him
Quote (referring to Hubie, last line) "It's not the Pebble, it's the penguin. I Love You More." (Hubie and Marina then kiss)

Marina is a female penguin from The Pebble and the Penguin. She is voiced by Annie Golden.

Physical appearanceEdit

The back of Marina's head, back, and her flippers are black. She has a pale white underbelly, and cheeks. She has rosy pink blush on her cheeks. She has a purple forehead, and purple stripes on her flippers. She has a pale purple necklace, with a pink pebble on it. She has a pink flower, with two green leaves, and a pink berry coming off of it on her head. She has bright purple eye lids, an orange beak, with a dark orange tip, and green eyes.


She appears first at the beginning of the movie when Hubie tries to impress her and become her mate. But he has to deal with Drake, a penguin who also loves Marina, and hates Hubie. Marina and Hubie soon sing Sometimes I Wonder under the moonlight. Drake soon wants her to be her mate, but only to make Hubie jealous. Hubie soon returns without Rocko and his pebble, there he has to fight Drake to find her. Drake soon dies when a large tower collapses down him, killing him. Hubie then gives Marina the pebble but she says, "I Love You More," then they kiss. In the epilogue of the movie, Marina and Hubie have eight children, who Rocko teaches how to fly.

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